A “Real” Showit Designer

This entire post will be posted on the first draft. No backspacing to make things sound nice and fluffy. I’m a realist, and I think this world needs more of me. There’s way too much “fluff-n-stuff,” and not enough balls.

You call yourself a Showit designer? After putting together one site and saying, “hey this looks good, I’m going to sell style groups.” And you email me to ask me how domains work? You are obviously not ready to start designing, let alone accepting money for your work.

Are you using design elements from Photoshop? Then you are not a Showit designer. Real designers on Showit use Adobe Illustrator and Flash CS5. Why? Because flash is vector based! PNG elements look like shit when they are blown up to 30” inches. Instead, use real vector elements that scale with browser size.

Are you using text from Photoshop? Then you are not a Showit designer. Give your client the actual ability to change the text themselves in Showit. Find the font online at Font Squirrel, as they have commercial fonts that you are OK to use. Here’s a little secret; they don’t even have to be labeled for commercial use. The fonts we use in Showit get converted into Flash. So, the real.ttf font file cannot be used anywhere else. This is the loophole.

Are you page elements reloading on page change? Then you are not a real Showit Designer. Nest your objects and elements so that the visit is smooth and relaxing.

Are you making your clients change text and items one by one just to change colors or fonts? Then you are not a real Showit designer. Use Global Styles, and give your client the ability to change things in just one click.

Are your layers and objects out of order and not named? Then, you are not a real Showit designer. Order those layers, and name them so your clients know what the hell you did on the site.

Do you have ANY previous websites that you’ve built? If not, then you cannot call yourself a web designer. You are dragging stuff around in a program, making it look good, then calling yourself a designer. The design is only 20% of it! Do you even know what TTL or DNS means? If not, then you are not a real Showit designer.

Are you making the text bigger on some pages just to fill space? You are not a Showit designer. You obviously have no idea how typography works.

Do you know the difference between serif and sans-serif? Do you know what the average screen resolution is these days? Do you know what the baseline font size is, default on all browsers? Do you even know what fonts are OK to use together?

Don’t create a piece of shit and wrap it nicely and smack a price on it. Make sure that what you are providing your clients, they can then take and make it on their own. Give your clients something they can actually edit. They will love you for it! Make custom objects, and tap into Show its API so that your clients can have full control themselves.

This isn’t about me, it’s about giving the client what they deserve.