I live in a log cabin at 4200ft with my family in the Appalachian Mountains. My tech career began as a professional photographer, then found interest in developing websites for photographers. That was back in ’08. I’ve been in the web development space ever since.

These days I’m the lead software engineer behind a digital art school and an online marketplace.

CG Cookie – Art school that teaches in a variety of disciplines from Blender to clay sculpting. This is a Ruby on Rails app with advanced functionality such as course building, video tracking, live streaming events with chat, gamification, a community forum, notifications, and other tools you’d expect to see in an education platform.

Blender Market – eCommerce Marketplace that allows developers to sell extensions and add-ons for Blender, an open sourced 3D program used by Hollywood and NASA. This is also a Ruby on Rails application. It’s heavily integrated with Stripe and uses hand-rolled software to manage commissions, payouts, and donations to development funds for Blender.

Find me other places: @nphaskins on Instagram and Twitter