Aesop Beta

Merry Christmas Eve! I don’t know about you but I’m pretty excited and thankful for everything! Yesterday, I had a second interview with an amazing company, and was hired for a programming position. I still get to write code everyday in my pajamas, only now I’ll have consistent income for the family. That’s such an amazing blessing!

On the heels of yesterdays exciting news, I have even more exciting news.

Today I’m releasing Aesop Core into beta. Aesop is the open-source storytelling engine that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. It all started with a storytelling theme for WordPress. I had so much fun with this, and realized that nobody else was doing anything remotely close to this, that I decided to port the functionality into a plugin that any WordPress theme could utilize.

Aesop Core

If you’re not down for building a theme to use it that’s cool, because is a free, hosted version of the plugin. Starting next year you’ll be able to create your own collection of hosted stories, for free. No catch. I think it’s a pretty amazing thing so I would love to see what others can do with the technology that I’ve built.

I’m really, really excited about this project because the main motivation isn’t monetarily related (and believe me, typically my motivations are nothing but that). I’m really passionate about this niche, so I’ll continue to work and improve the engine because it’s something that I love, and will be using. My little collection of stories is being crafted now and can’t wait to share what my crazy brain has concocted by using the same components that are avialable to you, for free.

So check it out, pull down a copy on Github, and play around with the components. I’d love your feedback. This is 0.9.3 beta so some things are a bit wonky (check the bottom of the readme for known issues and todo’s).The components have very little styling, and mostly rely on the child theme to style theme. This makes the plugin useable across a variety of themes, with each theme directing the look of the component.

Anyways, I’m out. Time for some rumnog. Merry Christmas guys!