Aesop – Concept Proven

I am really taken back by all of the feedback that Aesop has garnered within the last week. It’s humbling, it’s exciting, it’s invigorating, and most importantly, it’s rather validating. I’m a man of many ideas, and to have an idea that get’s widespread attention is just plain awesome.

Smashing Magazine tweeted about Aesop and since then my Twitter stream had been nonstop. The next day Speckboy Design posted about us on Facebook. Then today WP Tavern posts a really great write-up about Aesop, calling it “one of the most beautiful tools for WordPress that I’ve seen in a long time.”

Idea. Validated.

What’s next?

What I’m going to do next, is work on some of the weak points that current testers have brought up, both within the Story Engine itself, and on Aesop Hosted. There are some things within the hosted version specifically that I’d like to get worked out. Version 1.0 of the Story Engine for developers will most likely be out before Aesop Hosted is released. There are some amazing ideas being tossed around which will set this experience up as something even better, and far more eloquent than any of us ever anticipated. I think you guys will absolutely love what we have in store for you.

I tweeted for an invite code. What’s up with that?

Heh, well to be quite honest, I didn’t anticipate the response that Aesop has received. It’s amazing, but the “tweet for an invite code” wasn’t really thought out too well in terms of sustainability, and volume. Hey, we’re all human right? So, it’s gonna be done commando style. Manually. Coffee, time, and fingers of fire! We’ll reach out to everyone who has tweeted and will make sure you have this link below. It’s a link to signup to be included in Aesop Hosted beta (note, this is just for the hosted version. Developers, you’re more than welcome to pull the repo and play with the beta).

Want to contribute?

Plain and simple, I would love some help with the story engine. There are a few JS related things that need to happen that I can make work, but they need to be done right. If you’re a talented developer that wants to contribute to an open-source piece of awesomeness, please connect with me on Github or Twitter!