Aesop isn’t like Scrollkit

A few people have commented on the similarities between Aesop and scroll kit.

This is like comparing Apples to Oranges. When we think of this analogy, the only common bond between these items, is that they are food that people eat. When it comes to Aesop and scroll kit, the only common bond between them is in what they do; they create content.

Scroll kit is marketed as a website builder, that hosts your scroll kit site. Aesop is far from that. We don’t host your site, and we’re not a website builder. Aesop is a WordPress plugin. This means you can use any WordPresstheme, or build a custom theme, or a custom plugin, just for Aesop Story Engine. This also means Aesop is instantly in the hands of, well, 25% of the internet. This also means you can backup and take your content with you anywhere. I looked for a while and didn’t see scroll kit offering a data export, custom themes, or add-on plugins to enhance the scroll kit experience. I also didn’t see any method of creating galleries at all. Aesop Story Engine has four different gallery styles built right in, making it a perfect addition for photography websites.

Another key difference is that we offer already built components. With scroll kit, at least from my initial point of view, you have to actually build the things you want. Aesop offers these things already build, and you just insert them into your story. Aesop is built for writers and business’ who have a story to tell, and don’t have the time to spend to build the actual components the need. It all just, works.

In the end, ScrollKit and Aesop are similar, but very different in their own regard. One isn’t better than the other, they are just…different.