If you follow me on Twitter you probably noticed I haven’t tweeted in 25 days, or posted a FB status update either. Actually, it’s more likely that you never even knew I was gone. Stop being nice. When it comes down to it, we really don’t care what everyone else is doing. That’s pretty much what I learned after taking a break from social media for a month. (O.K. 25 days) I wanted it to be a month, but social media is consuming. And we should also stop calling it “social media” because the term is getting stale. It’s the “web” plain and simple.

Thing 1: What are you doing?

Thing 2: Chillin’ on the web.

Thing 1: Facebook?

Thing 2: How did you know?



I run a design firm, and a few side gigs that need marketing pushes through FB. So, in the last week I’ve cheated and have been on FB. That’s what I mean by “it’s just consuming.”

So, in those 25 days;


1. Nobody is going anywhere, and nothing will magically happen if you refresh the page every 5 minutes.

2. Somehow, news still made it’s way to me.

3. I actually got a lot of work done, but somehow I’m still behind.


1. The future of the web is changing.

2. Half my time was spent farting around on FB.

3. I still have a lot to learn.


1. Read 3 books covering a hot new web trend I’m attacking full force.

2. Learned 2 new slalom tricks.

3. Had a baby!

4. Finished my ebook.

So, go and take a break. Then, wake up and be amazing.