iPad vs Tab

iPad is a Bentley. Galaxy Tab is one of those 2010 Jeeps that wants to be a luxury vehicle. I was in T Mobile yesterday (better known as the devils a**hole), and got the chance to play with the Galaxy Tab for a few minutes.

Here are my initial impressions.

It’s heavy and bulky. The OS is pretty snappy but, it just doesn’t have the style and grace that the iPad has. Cranked up Asphalt 5 and it crashed. Cranked it up again and it played, although it chopped when driving around corners as the Tab struggles to keep it’s frame rate up. This could be the developer’s fault, it could be Samsungs fault for not waiting until Gingerbread was finished, who knows.

I don’t have any plans on picking up this tablet unless it; becomes popular (in that case my firm needs it to develop on), or the WIFI version when released is priced right.

For now, in my eyes, the iPad still holds the bar as the best tablet in existence…for now.