OMG all SSL Ranks High Meh

Google has recently called for HTTPS Everywhere; they want all websites on the internet to be secured with SSL. This is a great idea, but logistically we have a ways to go before this becomes reality.

Not only this, but Google has also stated that 1% of websites will now rank higher that have SSL. 1%. They also state that in the future, they *may* increase this. In other words, if more people start using SSL, they’ll start using it more and more as a factor in where you appear in search results.

OMG! I’m gonna appear in search and go to number 1!

Don’t build your business on the sandy land.

Now your inbox is full of potential clients who all came from Google. This can be good and bad. If you’re clientele is built on strong referrals from budding relationships, then you likely just attracted a bunch of crappy prospects. Those prospects that are searching, are most likely a different type of clientele than the ones that you would actually like to build your business on.

There are of course a few good use cases for all-ssl however; like e-commerce. If you’re relying on people finding you, then going all SSL certainly makes sense.

Of course there’s the cost of it too, a yearly fee just to maintain SSL. Again, ask yourself if this is something that you really need. Spend yearly fees on attracting people from Google, or spend it and the focus towards curating your current customer base. I have a sneaky feeling the latter would pay off more in the long-run.

Before you make the decision on all-ssl, just make sure you’re ready for what happens as a result. If you do decide that’s for you, great! Namecheap has good prices on SSL, and @jan_dembowski has a good write up on server level redirects.