On Being the Little Guy

One could possibly be discouraged being the little guy, but I must digress; it’s a fantastically humble position to be in.

Being the little guy means constantly getting looked over, but in return just yelling louder. Being a little guy means not being bothered when you see others with things that you do not have. You are not them. And they are not you. And things, are just things, that nobody will have when we leave this Earth. Be thankful for life, for love, and for happiness. Be thankful for those who are patient, and who believe in you.

Being the little guy means never giving up. Despite how much work you do compared to how little of a return you get, do not fret. Your work has impacted someone, somewhere. Always remember that you’re “meh” is someone else’s “that’s fucking awesome.” Never forget that you were there once, and now you likely have someone that looks up to you. Just like you look up to others.

Being the little guy means having to yell louder than the others, or standing out by just sitting still. Being the little guy means having thick skin, a patient wife, lot’s of wine, a farm, a beautiful family, living in a little house, in a little town, in the big state of Texas.

Being the little guy is humbling; and I won’t trade that for anything.