On Life and Family

A couple weeks ago I moved the entire family across a few states from Texas to North Carolina, in search of something better in life. You see in Texas, there just isn’t anything to do, or see. You can drive for eight hours (no exaggeration) and the land stays flat, and you’ll still be in Texas.

Sure you can hike, for maybe 10 minutes out of the year when it’s not 200 degrees. Sure you can swim in the river, for a couple months out of the year and you’re guaranteed to have 3000 other people there too, because it’s the only place to go. You surely can’t live off the land very easily, and seasons? Yeah right, there’s two. Really hot, or really cold.

So we’ve been here in North Carolina for a couple of weeks, and we couldn’t be happier. My kids are happy. My wife is happy, and the weather is just amazing. During this time, I’ve learned one important lesson.

Family. Is. Everything.

But unfortunately the last couple of years I’ve been putting my code before my family. That stopped two weeks ago. At 3 o’clock I turn the computer off, and I spend time with my family. I’m committed to my job at CG Cookie, and at the end o the day I really don’t want to spend any more time on the computer than I absolutely have to.

I have an amazing job, working for an amazing company, that gives me the flexibility to work wherever I want, whenever I want. So we’re going to start taking advantage of that.

Sacrifices need to be made, which is why I’m now looking for a buyer for Aesopinteractive LLC.

The Lowdown

First things first, only serious inquiries will be entertained. Aesopinteractive LLC is a very young, but profitable digital media company with several properties. We’re pulling in 4-5K a month consecutively, without much effort at all. Monthly expenses are under 25%, with no outstanding debts. This year we’re expected to make 50K. You can read our latest transparency report here to get a handle on numbers and the business model. We have some very big companies who have invested time into our products (the latest just today by Snowboard Magazine), and the future is indeed bright in terms of growth, both in adoption, and financially.

The Plan

The money from the business is going directly to purchase land here in North Carolina for our family. It’s a goal that we’ve had for many, many years, and I’m extremely blessed that the business is in a position to be sold for a cost that would cover most of the land purchase.

Next week I’ll be listing the business for sale on Flippa, or Empire Flippers, but before that’s done, I wanted to get a feel for who in the WordPress industry might be interested in the purchase. To clarify, this would include Aesop Story Engine, Lasso, Story.AM, and a handful of internet properties used as email harvesters.

I do have two conditions; Aesop Story Engine MUST absolutely be maintained, and kept free. In addition, Lasso, our front-end editor, must continue forward with development, in some way shape or form.

Are you abandoning us?

To be clear, I’m not abandoning these projects, but I am looking for a buyer. During this time development will still continue forward on all properties, and it will be “business as usual.”

Are you finished with WordPress?

Hardly. My day job is spent managing a very large WordPress installation with 1M+ hits a month with a user base of over a quarter million. In addition, I’ve got several ideas on areas to pioneer in the WordPress space, which simply haven’t been touched yet (or very well).

I’m really, really excited to close this chapter in my life, and possibly open up a new one later on down the road.

So that’s that. If you’re interested in talking more, please reach out to me on Twitter, or via email, and from there we can setup a time to chat or meet to hash things out. And of course, please spread the word! I’d like to avoid listing on a site such as those mentioned above, and would much rather sell to an existing party that I’m familiar with.