PageLines 2.2

We have collectively pushed over 1000 commits in the last few months, have downed an unforeseen amount of beer, and have burned through 2 coffee machines in the process to bring you some utter amazingness. But I’m not gonna spill the beans here all at once.

BFF’s with LESS

Oh..em…gee, we’re pimpin’ LESS like you’ve never seen before. LESS is a CSS pre-processor that extends CSS with special functions like mixins and stuffs. Learning the syntax is pretty straight-forward, and I can pretty much bet you my left nostril that it’ll save you a duck load of time. For example, something as simple as writing a border-radius property that’s cross browser complete;


… has just become easier to write.


I’m not gonna go into all the LESSons (haha goooooonnggggg) and stuff but at the end of this read is a list you can use to get learned before 2.2 launches. But using LESS is gonna make theming amazingly special. Think about it, you’ll never again have to worry about a client wrecking your design. With variables that dynamically change color based on what you write…it’s Unicornalicious.

What I’m most stoked on is nesting, and guards. Guards in LESS are like if statements in php. So like, if this color is darker than this, do this, but if it’s lighter than this, do that. It’s taken some getting used to but man this is some powerful shiz.

We gots Bootstrap

Ya so we’ve got Twitters bad-ass Bootstrap library on board too. We did some pretty amazing things with this, and a few industry firsts. You’ll be able to use pretty much anything in the library, and for developers this means you just a break on styling your shiz; it’s already ready already in Bootstrap.

Shortcode Library

Over 25 amazingly awesome shortcodes have been added to the framework. You have your normal, run-of-the-mill shorties like blockquotes and buttons, but we’ve also got modals and carousels straight from Bootstrap as shorties. Wicked awesome.

New Sections

Awww yeah baby, new PageLines sections. More than a few! Some of them spy, some of them stay on your six, and some are just down right useful. I can’t wait for you guys to see what we’ve done.

LESS Resources