Safari iPad 4.2 – More Local Storage Space

iOS 4.2. While everyone else was excited about the multi-tasking and folders, Marko and I were over here jumping up an down at a feature that nobody has listed or even spoke of since the update. This really surprises me since this new enhancement fixes the memory leaks and prevents the browser from crashing due to memory failure. A feature that will finally let our 10mb image app run completely offline without any qualms.

We were previously limited by 5MB of local storage space. This makes things like image-centric web apps nearly impossible to run completely offline. For you non-techies out there, local-storage can be thought of as a virtual locker living inside of your Safari browser on your iPad. When you visit a site that supports offline-viewing (that is, visiting a website without an Internet connection), it creates a virtual locker that it stuffs all its information into. Then you can open the site and browse it like normal without an Internet connection because it’s pulling all its info from that virtual locker.

With the recent update, it changes everything. Now, once 5Mb worth of data is cached or stored, it asks the user if they would like to increase the space of the local storage to 10 Mb. This is huge! This enhancement now lets web-apps with data-rich variables run 100% offline.

I’m a big believer in web apps, and we’ve built one that, when launched from the home screen you can’t tell that it’s the browser. Period. When I demoed this technology yesterday, the guy was blown away. Couldn’t quite grasp how we were doing it. I promise you though, it’s the future. 2011 will be the year of the tablet. The touch-to-toggle interface has just begun.

iOS 4.2 – Safari – iPad Updates

Under the Hood

  • Local Storage to 10 Mb
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope support
  • WebSockets API from HTML5
  • Semi XHR-2 support
  • Print support
  • New Javascript types
  • New DOM events
  • Better Canvas and SVG support

Cosmetic and Other

  • Added text-shadow to keyboard keys
  • No longer have to type .com in the address bar
  • Text search on web pages