Site Build: Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer is print quarterly and website devoted to the people, policy, animals, plants, trends and technology of food and farming. These guys have a print magazine out at Barnes and Noble and other places like that. Truly amazing material, so it was really refreshing to work with some true professionals.

Design Theorem did the site design on this. I was responsible for programming the site, and some parts were quite a challenge. It took 110+ billable hours to complete, and the end result I think was well worth it. It’s completely based on PageLines, although the core LESS was basically gutted and modified (one of my favorite features of the platform). All core sections were removed, and 12 new sections were created.

One of the challenges I was faced with was providing multiple single post templates. These templates are highly configurable, and can be designed completely independent of one another so that each is an experience on it’s own.

post templates

The project also included a full custom Big Cartel shop design. That was fun, as it was utilizing Big Cartel’s theming API. Great docs, so the experience was a breeze.

Here are some more stats for the build.

  • 12 custom sections
  • 6000 lines of LESS
  • 110+ hrs of programming
  • custom shortcode library
  • custom widget library
  • completely configurable
  • 2 custom post types
  • 7 single post templates
  • 1 Feature post template
  • 3 Super Feature post templates
  • includes Big Cartel shop programming
  • 100% responsive and optimized for tablets and mobile

I think it’s probably the most epic PageLines site ever launched. Really shows you what can be achieved with some professional designers and a unicorn loving developer.