Steer Clear Bootstrap 3.0

I’m a huge fan of what @mdo and @fat have done with Bootstrap. PageLines utilizes the entire library and this markup has become a part of my life. Ingrained into memory, all the variables, syntax structures, and so on.

Because it’s part of PageLines, clients have gotten used to using it as well. Then I wake up this morning and discovered that Bootstrap 3.0 is basically being ripped apart and, honestly I have no idea wtf these guys are thinking.

I’m just a little blown away that so much is being “removed.” Is this really necessary? Can we deprecate instead of remove? Do you realize how many people have this syntax across their sites and you’re just going to remove it? The following is a very short list, but has HUGE implications.

* All variables now use dashes instead of camelCase. For example, it’s now @body-background instead of @bodyBackground.
* Removed all color variables
* We removed the fluid grid system, fluid container, and fluid layout
* Changed name of clearfix mixin
* Dropped the @altFontFamily variable
* Dropped .btn-info and .btn-inverse
* Removed sub-meu dropdowns
* Dropped .thumbnails

What cracks me up the most is the comments on the submenu.
“Removed submenu support. We’re not seeing many folks using them, and they kind of really suck for writing great JavaScript interactions and keyboard navigation. Rather than support them and all the markup and CSS they require, we’re nuking ‘em.”

You have GOT to be kidding me? Who were you talking to? Who are “many folks?” Because all I see in my daily run around is people wanting them, and wanting them to do more.

The whole thing reminds me of an artist and his/her CD releases. Bootstrap 2.2, amazing. Bootstrap 3.0, run away because it’s going to be the worst album ever. The Bootstrap guys have done an amazing job so far, but this update is going to cause a bad taste in my mouth.