Would you shoot a high end wedding with a kit lens and a Mk III? Hell no you wouldn’t!

Would you shoot a high-end wedding with a kit lens and an Mk III? Hell no you wouldn’t! The same form of thinking can be applied to photographers websites. Would you put up a mediocre website if you’re a celebrity photographer? You wouldn’t think so, but I see it happening more and more.

There’s a pattern. You’re starting out as a photographer, charging nickels on the dime, and your website sucks. Then you learn about having a great website is key, and you start to get more business because your never-ending effort to always improve your web presence is finally paying off.

So now you’re comfortable in life, in finances, or whatever and you let your website slip. It becomes stale, old, out-dated, but yet you’re still booking because you’ve been shooting for 10 years and you have thousands of clients.

What’s even weirder is that the design firms that do the work for these photographers, must go through the same pattern. You can always pinpoint the high-end design firms; they’re the ones without context on their website. You know, the ones that have “I design stuff” and an email address. Those types. You can tell it’s not a cheaply made site, but you can tell the focus was on not having content.

What’s with these patterns? Do you see the same thing happening?