WP Status Page

Over the weekend I came across a need for a new plugin that I’d love to get your feedback and thoughts on. It’s needed as part of an upcoming project, and it turns out a few more folks could utilize it as well.

I started looking for a status page plugin in the repo and found ONE, that was more than two years old. Then I found http://statuspage.io and, well with all due respect, this can be put into a WordPress plugin and offered for free. As a boostrapped startup $29 a month to only reach 100 users is a bit much. Open source for the win right?


Well eventually this low level idea turned into a pretty involved idea, but before I get ahead of myself I wanted to post this and get some feedback on this idea. The setup would be a lot like StatusPage.io, where the site would list custom events allowing you to assign status’s. The plugin would run as a post type so you’d be able to create “Status Events” that would show in the Incident history. This would all be loaded with fancy pants ajax with no page refreshes.

In addition I’m thinking a simple PHP class to ping a url and return a 200 or not. Pretty rudimentary but I think this could be expanded at a later point if the idea takes hold. Also, some ideas came up of being able to send a POST response from Github after committing a hotfix that would then in turn update a status.

So in all this, obviously the thought came up of where would you host this plugin? Obviously not on the same server, so it’d be on a different server ideally. But if we’re just going to send you off to sign up for a $9 hosting account just to run this plugin why not just host you ourselves?

As you can see this simple idea turned into, well, a lot more, in a span of a few days. I’m leaving this up to you guys now. Does it sound exciting? I’ve got to build it regardless as we need it for an upcoming Aesop project and my day job, but I wanted to get your feedback before diving in. Hit me up on Twitter @nphaskins or in the comments below with your thoughts.

Here’s the obligatory-splash-page-to-collect-but-not-sell-your-emails project page: